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By Erin M. and Noah K. and Autumn T.

Location of Temperate Rainforest

The temperate rain forest is found along the southern tip of South America, the western coast of North America, western coastline areas of Europe, most of Japan and the southwest part of Australia, the southern part of China, the northern coastline of Iran, and the western coastline of The Black Sea. Most of the forests are on the coastline of oceans or inland seas. The Temperate rainforest in Northwest North America are mainly made up of conifers sometimes with an under story of broad leafed trees, where as in the British Isles it is mostly made up of oak trees. The Chinese Temperate Rainforest’s trees are mostly conifers at higher elevations, but at lower elevations.
Coastal Redwoods


The precipitation is distributed evenly throughout the year. The yearly amount of precipitaton is 75-150 centimeters. However, the dry season gets less precipitation than the wet season. The climate tends to stay around 15 degrees Celsius. There are two seasons, called the dry season and the longer wet season. In the dry season it is foggy and average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. The dry season occurs in the summer only. The wet season is in the winter/spring, and the average temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. Coastal mountains are a factor that says where temperate rainforests occur. They also increase rainfall on the ocean-facing slopes. Even though the characteristics of the temperate rainforest stay the same, there are still little differences and variations of temperate rainforest areas around the world. For example: in the area of temperate rainforest around the north/northwest Pacific coast of the North America, like on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, more trees are covered with moss as opposed to the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest in Southern Chile, which has more bushes and is more grassy.
The Summer Season

Winter Season at its Coldest

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