Welcome to the depths of the Open Ocean Biome created by Scott. P and Max. S. If your looking for the ocean secrets in this biome your going to have to look deep in this website. I just hope the pressure won't kill you.


There are 4 Open Ocean Biomes and there found all over the world. The smallest ocean is the Arctic Ocean, found far north and far south. The 2nd is ocean the Indian Ocean, found south of Asia and west or Africa. The 3rd ocean is the Antlantic Ocean, found east of Asia and west of North America. And the final ocean the largest of them all the Pacific Ocean, its found East of North America and West of Asia.
This is a picture of the tempature layers of the open ocean.

These are the 5 layers of the ocean. They are the Epipelagic Zone, the Mesopelagic Zone, the Bathypelagic Zone, the Abyssopelagic Zone, and the Hadalpelagic Zone.
In the Epipelagic Zone the average tempature is 17 degrees C.
Mesopelagic Zone hastempaturers of 20 degrees C. at the top and 4 degrees C. at the bottom.
Bathypelagic Zone has an average tempature of 5 degrees C.
Abyssopelagic Zone has an sverage temperature of 4 degrees C.
Hadalpelagic Zone tempature is about 1 degrees C.
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