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In order for us to keep our fresh water lakes for the ability to drink the water we have to keep them clean and the only way we can do that is by not polluting them. The things they are doing to those lakes is unreal well what they are doing to our fresh water lakes a negative thing to do. There are so many examples of what we are doing to our fresh water lakes like dumping chemicals in them, then the chemicaly changes water which eventually turns into rain and the acid rain falls into the lakes and kills the fish. The fish are important because they help keep our fresh water lakes ecosystem running with the birds that eat them. The fresh water lakes is also the habitat of other organisms and plants and animals like the fresh water alligator which help keep the bird population down and not getting to big for the fish to sustain.We could prevent this from happening by not polluting our fresh water lakes which would then help the fresh water alligators stay alive and healthy so they can keep the fish population under control.
Boats are also problems because they stirr up the plants and killing a foodsuply whitch in turn kills the fish. The loss of fish makes the bird population and aligator and turtle population. Ihe boats will hit fish and birds killing them in the process. I hit a turtle with a speed boat but it lived because I hit its shell then my sister cought it with a fishing pole...
We could ride boats in open water slower or fast but louder. we could also get motors that dont pollute the water. We could filter the chemicals that hurt our nature and turn it to water .