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All of this is mostly because the grasslands are located in the temperate and tropical areas of the world. Grasslands are found in every continent other than Antarctica. In Africa grasslands are found mostly in the central part of the continent. In Asia and Europe, most grasslands are know as steppies and are spread across the central part of the continent. In South America Grasslands are called pampas usually and are on the eastern coast and the southern tip. Lastly, in North America grasslands, mainly know as savannahs and or prairies, are located in the mid western part of the continent known as The Great Plains.
World Map of the Grasslands

The Grasslands are basically dry most of the year. There are different seasons in different locations. For example in the savannah there are only two seasons but in the great plains there are four seasons, but from here on out on this website we will only be using two seasons. It gets about 20-100 centimeters per year in the Grasslands and the temperature is -20 to 30 degrees Celsius. There are cold winters, but hot summers there.

Grasslands in the summer
Grasslands in the summer

Grasslands in the winter

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