Desert Conservation

There are many problems in the desert. Most of the problems are caused by human impact. The humans are also trying to improve the desert. In the Sonora Desert in Arizona there building condos and apartment complex in Desert Tortoise habitats. While the workers put up the complex, the Desert Tortoise is on its way to try to find a new place to stay. On the other hand, humans are taking some endangered animals out of the wild and putting them in captivity. They’re doing this so that the animal doesn't completely disappear from the Earth. By putting the animals into zoos, there letting the animals reproduce and become a larger population. After the group gets larger they ship them to other zoos.

A problem that humans are addressing is that acid rain is destroying animals’ habitats, like a cactus because it hits the ground, the plant absorbs the liquid. The liquid destroys the plant from the inside then all the animals living in it have to move fast. Another problem is endangered animals habitats. The humans are destroying their habitats with condos and apartment buildings. So many animals are without a home. The humans are then proceeding to try to save the animals. They save them by putting them into captivity and letting the population grow.

Some possible solutions for these problems would be to stop using so much fossil fuel. Without the burning of fossil fuels, there would be no acid rain. Without acid rain, the plants wouldn't be dying as fast, and animals could have a place to stay and eat. If the people stop making apartments in habitats more animals would have homes. There also would not be as many endangered animals. Then they also wouldn't need to put animals into captivity and there will be more animals on the Earth.

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